Whatever the scenario or environment, Lamor provides the right oil spill solution for the most efficient oil spill response. Lamor solutions include a complete range of skimmers, oil booms, pumps, power packs, landing crafts, workboats, storage and ancillary equipment.

Arctic Applications

Lamor offers a full range of Arctic oil recovery equipment. Proven technologies are operational on ice breakers in e.g. the Baltic Sea and are used in many Arctic oil ports.

Exploration and oil extrapolation in the Arctic Ocean is surging ahead, and the climatic conditions can be brutal in that region. Lamor has years of experience in Arctic oil response and recovery operations.

Moreover, Lamor has invested signifi cantly in R&D to fi nd new and effective oil clean-up solutions. In addition to having all our skimmers, pumps and power-packs capacity tested by Bureau Veritas in Finland, we have also started an extensive vetting program for our next generation skimmers at Ohmsett in New Jersey, USA.

Offshore and Shipboard Systems

The Lamor Vessel Mounted Advancing Oil Recovery Systems are based on the proven chain brush conveyor technology that offers the highest possible performance and safety for offshore oil spill recovery operations.

Deployment of the recovery system makes the entire vessel an “oil slick processing system”. Proven technology, Lamor’s shipboard systems have been installed on over 1000 vessels and work boats around the world.

In addition to the shipboard systems, Lamor also offers a wide range of offshore skimmers and heavy duty oil booms.

Harbor, River and Shoreline Applications

Containerized harbor systems are custom-made to accommodate specific conditions. Each harbor faces different conditions due to location, currents, swells, tides and products handled.

Our experience allows us to accommodate each harbor with the proper customized solution.

Rapid response time is essential to perform effectively in river clean-up operations. Lamor offers specially designed, fast, current-resistant booms and high fl ow skimmers with debris-handling capabilities.

Lamor beach and shoreline containment and recovery equipment has been designed to be simple and portable albeit durable and effective to use. The containerized response tools are available for any type of shoreline.

Industrial Applications

The range of Lamor industrial solutions facilitate optimal oil recovery, fi re hazard reduction and minimize aggressive release of odors as well as hydrocarbon emissions.

Land Remediation Applications

Lamor’s land remediation solutions are designed for operations in deserts, swamps and marshes, as well as for areas with industrial pollution. Lamor also develops turnkey solutions for hazardous materials.

Lamor oil spill response operations – a few selected cases

Gulf of Mexico oil spill response and recovery operations

The April 2010 Gulf of Mexico massive oil spill needed immediate external support, expertise, solutions and equipment to assist in the containment and clean-up efforts. Lamor Corporation immediately set its action plans into motion and within 36 hours, through its global network, the company airlifted its arsenal of equipment and key personnel to the scene.

The Godafoss Oil Spill in Norway--

On February 17, 2011 the 17,000-dwt Icelandic container ship M/S Godafoss, en route to Denmark, grounded off the southern coast of Norway threatening the Ytre Hvaler National Park, and the western Swedish coast line. The ship was carrying approx. 800 tons heavy fuel oil and approx. 440 containers onboard.

- MV Runner 4 Oil Spill in Compact Ice off the Coast of Estonia

The Runner 4 vessel oil spill occurred in the ice-covered Gulf of Finland off the coast of Estonia. The oil spill was caused by the sinking of the Dominican-registered cargo ship Runner 4 on March 5, 2006, after collision with the Malta-registered cargo ship Svjatoi Apostol Andrey. This oil spill was very difficult to respond to and to recover oil due to severe ice conditions. 18,000 liters of heavy & light fuel was spilled into broken ice conditions.

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