Weir Skimmer SLURP

SLURP (Self-Leveling Unit for Removing Pollution) is a self-adjusting, floating weir-type oil skimmer, originally developed by Esso Research Centre, Abingdon, England. Used worldwide for over twenty years to remove oil and other floating pollutants from the surface of protected waters

SLURP - is one of the most versatile skimmers made, working efficiently in any situation at rates up to 44 gpm [10 m³/h]. Rugged and lightweight, it can easily be handled by one person.

The SLURP Oil Skimmer has no moving parts. Weir immersion is remotely controlled from the pump; there is nothing to adjust at the skimmer. The SLURP works well in long swells and even in short, choppy waves owing to its unique design. Unlike most conventional floating weir-type skimmers which become unstable when the weir level is set very close to the surface, the SLURP will adjust to any depth of weir immersion and skim the thinnest of oil slicks.

Stainless Steel SLURPS find their best applications where the benefits of extremely high flow rates are important. The stainless steel oil skimmer is resistant to corrosion, making it attractive in the chemical and food processing industries.

Standard equipment includes a hose float, an intake debris screen, and 50 feet (15 m) of 1 ½” (Inner Dimension) suction hose with quick connect fittings. All SLURPS have a 2″ female NPT discharge port, reducing bushing, and a 1 ½” fitting, which matches the quick-connect fittings on the standard suction hose.

The Stainless Steel Slurp Skimmer comes complete with:

  • S / S Screen Debris
  • 50 (15 m) 1 ½” I.D. PVC suction hose
  • 3 pcs 1 ½” Hose floats
  • Necessary couplings

Technical Specifications

Item ID 226211
Length 935 mm36.8 in
Width 622 mm24.5 in
Height 381 mm15 in
Weight 28 kg61.7 lbs
Design Capacity 10 m³/h 44 gpm
Certified Max Capacity 22 m³/h 97 gpm


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