Seahunter Work Platform

The Lamor Seahunter is a multipurpose work platform that consists of connectable hulls, in the most basic configuration only one motor hull, but the possibilities are endless as additional cargo hulls can be quickly connected to the motor hull if the need arises. The platform is ideal for assisting in skimming and clean-up operations near shore and in rivers and lakes.

The hulls are catamaran shaped which provide a stable work platform for oil recovery operations. The platforms are connected to each other in a configuration with quick locking pins. The outboard engine is fitted with a propeller protection. The platform surfaces have anti-skid material on all flooring including top and front.

Each hull is rotomolded thermo plastic (PE) which ensures a durable and low maintenance surface. Moreover, two or more hulls may be connected, side by side, or in length to perform an even longer and wider platform. Each hull can carry 1500 kg (3300 lbs) which is more than three times its own weight. The Lamor Seahunter hulls can be stored on top of each other and are easily transported on trailers, in trucks, containers etc.

Currently Lamor offers a set of standard configurations,

384814 – Seahunter 9.9 Single Hull
397843 – Seahunter 9.9 Single Hull on Trailer
397841 – Seahunter 25 Single Hull
384815 – Seahunter 25 Double Hull Package
397842 – Seahunter 50 Single Hull

For these standard sets, please find further documentation in the Downloadables-section. In case of any questions or interest in a customized package, contact a Lamor sales representative.


Features and Benefits

Unique and specifig deisgn for oil recovery operations
Sturdy construction
Open deck layout
Flexible configurations
Multipurpose usage
Easy to transport and store
Low maintenance
Low draft
Propeller protection
Quick connection lock pins

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