Rock Cleaner

  The LRC Rock Cleaner LRC - has a small hydraulic brush that removes oil from rocks and separates oil and water.The collected oil passes into the funnel behind the brush, from where the oil is sucked with a separate suction pump. The LRC Rock cleaner is controlled by a control handle and carrying harnesses.

The LRC rock cleaner has a portable suction nozzle, with an integrated wiper blade to improve the efficiency of oil recovery. It is specially designed for use in rocky coastlines, ports, oil stations, ditches, roads, factories, airports and boats. The LRC features a small, hydraulically operated brush wheel to remove the oil from the rocks and separate it from the water. The Rock Cleaner is made of aluminum and weighs only 6.5 kg (14.3 pounds).

Technical Specifications

Item ID 226010
Length 1500 mm60 in
Width 400 mm16 in
Weight 6.5 kg14.3 lbs
Місткість:9.7 m³/h* 43 gpm*
Витрати гідравлічної рідини1-3 l/min** 0.3-0.8 gpm**
Hydraulic pressure 60-100 bar 870-1450 psi
Power0.5 kW 0.7 hp

* *Capacity related to pump selection.
**Skim only.

Features and Benefits

  • Portable and light weight
  • User friendly
  • Recovery of light to heavy viscous oils
  • Low free water content, <5%
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