Oil Transfer Pump LIP 600 IP

The LIP 600 IP peristaltic hose pump is ideal for pumping light and medium viscous oils. Due to the unique design of the pump only the hose or tube interfaces with the fluid, this eliminates the risk of the pump being contaminated by the fluid. The light-weight and easily transportable LIP 400 has been utilized in remote locations worldwide.

The LIP 600 is built in a wheel frame and is powered by a hydraulic power pack, or can be customized with an integral gasoline or diesel engine. The complete closure of the hose which is squeezed between a shoe and the track gives the pump its positive displacement action that prevents backflow and eliminates the need for check-valves when the pump is not running.

Standard connectors: hydraulic Tema 1/2″, 5011/5021, suction: Camlock 2 1/2″ male, discharge: Camlock 2 1/2″ male.


Technical Specifications

Item ID 226303
Length 1080 mm 42.5 in
Width 1000 mm 39.7 in
Height 1030 mm 40.5 in
Weight 175 kg 385 lbs
Capacity 16 m³/h 70 gpm
Hydraulic flow (skimmer) 25 l/min 6.6 gpm
Hydraulic pressure 210 bar 3046 psi
Тиск нагнітання 13 бар 188 Psi
Power 9 kW 12 hp

Features and Benefits

Light-weight and transportable
Wheel frame
No pump contamination by fluids
User friendly

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