Hydraulic Power Pack 150

The Hydraulic Power Pack LPP 150 is a high capacity multipurpose power pack for flexible operations of several oil spill clean up units simultaneously.

The LPP 150 is contained within a steel frame designed to protect and ensure good air circulation. The power pack is equipped with four point lifting rings and forklift channels for easy handling on land or offshore. It is equipped with an electric start and incorporates a control panel and hydraulic oil cooler in the framework.

The 6-cylinder engine has an in-line design with full-authority electronic controls. A High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system delivers greater power at every rpm. Together with vertically centered fuel injection and a symmetrical cylinder bowl, it produces exceptional low-end torque and power with reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

For safety reasons, the hydraulic power pack is equipped with an automatic shut-down system in case of malfunction. The diesel engine complies with required emissions standards.


Technical Specifications

Item ID 384523
Length 2650 mm
Width 1440 mm
Height 1900 mm
Weight 2300 kg
Hydraulic flow 310 l/min
Hydraulic pressure 280 bar
Power 150 kW

Features and Benefits

Multipurpose usage
Load sensing for constant pressure
Low end torque and power
Reduced emissions
Increased efficiency
Four point lifting rings
Forklift channels
Automatic shut down
Certified emissions certificates
User friendly
Arctic options
Optional block heater
Optional cold start batteries
Optional Arctic engine and hydraulic oil
Tropical options
Tropical engine and hydraulic oil
Improved cooling capacity

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