Floating Oil Bladder C

The LFT C-type bladders are durable floating storage tanks designed for temporary storage of recovered oil.The tanks are mainly intended for use at sea as a towable storage bladder, and can also be used on land.

The LFT C-type bladders are manufactured from oil and fuel resistant fabric with a PU/PVC coat. The entire manufacturing process involves only welding therefore offering a much stronger alternative to glued or sewed storage bladders. All fittings used in the composition ore marine grade aluminum.

Each bladder comes equipped with a tow harness for connection to the reinforced nose cone, PVC ball valves, light holder and nose cone air bladder. For safety a pressure relief valve is fitted as standard. The towing speed when fully loaded is 6 knots and 12 knots when empty.

A unique feature of the LFT C-type tanks is the availability of an optional specialized discharge point that has been designed to accept the range of Lamor GTA pumps for easy offloading.

For detailed product information please find PDF-copies of product specification sheets under the Downloadables-section.


Features and Benefits

Strong and durable construction due to RF welding only
High tenacity fabric
Small space required for storage when deflated
Fully operationally equipped for towing

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